Ursuline Academy

This project was a microsite for a local school, Ursuline Academy, built in partnership with local agency Zehno. I built a custom WordPress theme, designed by the agency, to feature the beautiful photos and videos Ursuline had just done.


  • Education




  • Animation
  • Web Development
  • WordPress

The site is simple, but elegant. It is made to showcase content that stands well on its own, so the site didn’t need to be flashy.

Screenshot of middle school landing page

Interactive Content

There wasn’t much need for interactive content, but I was spotted an opportunity in the designs to add filtering to some of the pages. This allows parents and potential students to see the content that’s right for their age level, rather than sorting manually.

Illustrations & Animations

The designer and I found opportunities to animate the illustrations throughout the site. We opted for simple but appropriate gestures, rather than anything too complex.