In 2015 I worked with Second Melody to build a new website for Techknow, a drive-through systems and analytics company. The site needed to meet a few basic requirements: it had to be completely responsive, perform well, use SEO best practices, and provide an easy way for the client to update content without causing any design problems or inconsistencies.


  • Food & Beverage
  • Technology




  • Web Development
  • WordPress

Custom WordPress Development

I built Techknow with WordPress because it’s full-featured, well-supported, highly documented, and relatively simple for most clients to handle long-term. I used a custom theme, based on my custom starter theme.

techknow automated code on the backend

Product Pages

The detailed product pages target relevant keywords and drive traffic to the website, while the news section allows the company to add content frequently and easily. I also followed best practices for code optimization, responsiveness, and other performance-related functionality.

Because the products featured on the site were a major focus, I built a product slider that uses custom markup and functionality to display the spotlight products. The client can update the product pages easily by adding a product slider, listing features, or including a PDF product brochure for download.

Company News

Techknow needed a way to share important company announcements, so the site includes a news section.

I built this site mobile-first for performance, using fluid images and a grid system. The mobile-first approach required special design considerations for particular elements, including the navigation bar and the custom product sliders, which support complex layouts.

Mobile navigation expanded
mobile sliders on homepage