I built the Symbotic website with Maark, a US-based agency. I produced a custom WordPress theme, and many animations built to specific design specs. Symbotic has offices in Quebec, so I also provided multilingual functionality with WPML.


  • Technology




  • Animation
  • Multilingual
  • Web Development
  • WordPress

WordPress Integration

The WordPress integration is fairly straight-forward. Due to the multilingual requirements, it was especially crucial that every single piece of text content be editable within the backend. I achieved this with an integration with ACF, and following general WordPress best practices using menus and widgets as needed.

Screenshot of symbotic solutions page

Animations & Interactive Elements

There were several fun animation and interactive components on the website. The homepage has several different background videos, and a heavily animated full-screen slider that can be triggered (see the video at the top of the page). On the about page, I built a map showcasing their different locations using an SVG with editing options on the backend. There’s also a timeline that has many different layout and content options for the client to easily manage.

Using WPML

I opted to manage the multilingual requirements with WPML, a plugin that I would consider to be the standard for WordPress sites that require translations. WPML is full-featured, and integrates really well with the popular plugins I like to use (like ACF and WooCommerce). This site only had 2 languages (English and French), so the client utilized an on-site translator rather than the outsourcing program.

Screenshot of symbotic industries page in English
Screenshot of symbotic industries page in French