Seelos Center

Screenshot of seelos center website homepage

I worked with local agency Studio Mundi to produce this site for the Seelos Center. The agency provided a page design, and I created a custom Theme paired with Elementor (at the request of the agency). The agency handled most of the page build-out, and I came in for advanced functionality like Ecommerce and custom Elementor blocks.


  • Non-Profit




  • Ecommerce
  • Web Development
  • WordPress

Custom Blocks and Shortcodes

Reskinning Elementor’s built-in components was enough to get by for most pages, but I was asked to build a couple custom elements. Wherever it made sense, I opted to use the Elementor API and a custom plugin to provide the content, like this ‘Big Buttons’ block.

Screenshot of big button block

I also added some custom shortcodes, like these ones used to display different categories of products within a page.

screenshot of shortcode displaying featured products by category

Newsletter Donation Popup

One important requirement was a request for users to make a donation in response to subscribing to the newsletter. I used the Contact Form 7 API to hook into the form submission function, and display a popup directing them to make a donation.

Screenshot of seelos center newsletter popup


The site offers a number of products, which the agency I partnered with wanted to manage. I did a basic Woocommerce setup for them, and then created a custom shop homepage.

Screenshot of seelos center online shop

I also provided some light customization for the shopping cart, and product pages. Ultimately though, my job was to provide guidance and education so they could implement the shop themselves.

Screenshot of product page