Power Attorneys

Screenshot of power attorneys website homepage

Power Attorneys is a directory site, featuring over 200,000 attorneys. I built a custom directory plugin, paired with a custom theme for styling. It also integrates with 3rd party plugins and software like Woocommerce and Algolia for additional functionality.


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Base Functionality

The site is primarily focused around a CPT, attorney profiles. The attorneys are searchable by practice area, location, name, and firm name. The different practice areas are browsable as well.

Screenshot of criminal law category page

Attorney profiles are quite extensive. Information can be made available about the attorney’s bio, experience, cost, and contact information. In addition, users can leave attorney reviews, and attorneys can give other attorneys endorsements. Reviews and endorsements are also handled as custom post types.

Screenshot of attorney profile page

Signup and Woocommerce Integration

Signups, payments, and subscriptions are all integrated or managed by the Woocommerce integration. Registration is done as part of a slightly extended checkout process, where attorneys have the option to add a plaque to their purchase. Recurring membership payments are handled with Woocommerce Subscriptions, which allowed me to automatically unpublish listings when a subscription is cancelled.

Screenshot of join and checkout process

Profile Management

After checkout is completed, attorneys can get to work editing their profiles. This area is self-contained on the frontend, integrated with the Woocommerce account area. In addition to editing their profile, users can also view reviews and endorsements, and manage their subscriptions and payment information.

Screenshot of editing an attorney profile

Search (Powered by Algolia)

With over 200,000 attorneys featured on the site, performance was a challenge for search. It was crucial to index the attorneys on some 3rd party server, so we opted for an integration with Algolia. I created a custom plugin for indexing attorney data, and used javascript to build a search UI with the option to search by practice area, location, name, and firm name. Within the results page, attorneys can be further sorted by things like free consultation availability or language spoken.