Dixie Beer

When Dixie Beer decided to move back to New Orleans, they partnered with Peter Mayer to re-establish the brand. The scope included building them a new website. For ease of use and implementation, I went with a custom WordPress site that the client has been able to easily maintain and extend.


  • Food & Beverage




  • UX Design
  • Web Development
  • WordPress

The site itself was quite simple in functionality. The main purpose was to showcase the new brews and to make clear what the new Dixie has to offer. In the future, it will be extended to do things like provide an interactive map of Dixie Beer retailers, or host an e-commerce shop with Dixie swag.

dixie website age gate

While it’s not technically a legal requirement, an age gate was an important component for the client. The site uses a simple cookie to track users who have verified their age, and shows the age gate to anyone who hasn’t.

dixie website mobile navigation dixie website homepage on mobile