Catherine Violet Hubbard Foundation

I built The Catherine Violet Hubbard Foundation website with Second Melody. The foundation honors one of the Sandy Hook shooting victims, a 6-year-old animal lover named Catherine. The site needed to raise awareness for the foundation, provide a central location for event information, allow for ticket and merchandise sales, and of course be SEO-friendly and completely responsive.


  • Non-Profit




  • Ecommerce
  • Web Development
  • WordPress

I built this site using WordPress to make it easy for the client to update. It also allowed me to take advantage of popular plugins, like Woocommerce and The Events Calendar. The theme is completely custom, using my personal starter theme as a foundation. The backend is comprised mostly of custom fields, which are easy to update without compromising the frontend design.

Ecommerce Capabilities

CVHF needed the ability to sell some basic merchandise on their site, as well as the equipment required to host certain events. To add this ecommerce functionality, I used WooCommerce. It’s my ecommerce plugin of choice for a few reasons: it’s easy to override most templates, styles, and functionality making it very customizable; it’s very popular so there is helpful documentation and updates from the user community; it offers many different payment options; and it integrates with other plugins I like to use (for example, we use WooCommerce to power the event registration and ticket purchases detailed below).

Event Management

I used The Events Calendar plugin for the events throughout the site. Right out of the box events are easy to add. The events are a custom post type, have a ton of associated metadata, and have an array of templates within the plugin that are easy to copy and override. They pre-populate a customizable archive page, and are also available for an array of custom queries throughout the site. In addition to taking advantage of the pre-built archive pages, I use custom queries on pages to show category-specific events that are relevant to that specific content.