Expert WordPress Consulting

Is a WordPress consultation right for you? Consider the following scenarios …

DIY Minded Small Business Owners

  1. You need to choose a hosting provider but aren’t sure how to evaluate your options.
  2. You just opened a restaurant and want to integrate an online ordering plugin but don’t know where to start.
  3. You’re getting an error from the SSL certificate you just installed.

Marketing Site Managers

  1. Google Analytics isn’t tracking conversions from your WooCommerce store.
  2. Your job board doesn’t have a WordPress plugin and you’re not sure how to integrate.
  3. You want to add an exit popup form to collect newsletter signups, but aren’t sure how to execute.

WordPress Developers

  1. You want to set up a headless install to power a JavaScript framework on the frontend.
  2. You’re new to WordPress development and have questions about custom theme or plugin development.
  3. You’re running into performance problems and need some optimization advice.

If you find yourself in any of these scenarios, or somewhere similar, book a consultation to get help that will keep you heading in the right direction.

Meet Heather Weaver, Your WordPress Consultant

Hi, I’m Heather. I’ve been building custom WordPress websites and plugins for the past decade.

I’ve got experience in technical marketing, UX, and web design. I’ve worked with start-ups, and medium and large businesses. I’ve partnered with agencies, and worked directly with clients. I’ve built sites in industries like tech, education, and ecommerce.

I’ve seen and learned a lot.

If you’re struggling with your WordPress website, or just need an expert to have a frank conversation with, let me help you move past your challenges and get your project on track.

Book a Consultation

Heather Weaver

Heather has been a fantastic partner to collaborate with on website builds and plugin integrations. Anyone who’s ever built a site on WordPress knows that you can solve almost anything with a plugin, but it’s not always plain and easy. From figuring out plugin conflicts, to debugging, and to even giving me a second or third opinion, I can always count on Heather to help out in a timely manner. I’d also recommend checking out her Instagram for some awesome Accessibility tips!

Juan Pablo Madrid

Design Director, Online Optimism

Common Issues I Help With

Illustration of computer with website visible

Site Architecture

The data and structure of a WordPress project is both important and difficult to change in the future. Choosing the right site architecture from the beginning is crucial and can save you time and money as the project progresses. I’ll review your site plans with you, and make recommendations about when and where to use Custom Post Types, taxonomies, and custom page templates, and how to determine which decisions can impact you long term.

Illustration of computer with cloud and server in front

Hosting & Domains

Need to choose your first host, or looking to move away from your current host? I will review your site, traffic, and other requirements with you, then make recommendations about where to host. I’ll also help you plan your content and domain transfer so it goes smoothly.

Illustration of triangle with website pointing to envelope pointing to shopping cart to website

Marketing Tools & 3rd Party Integrations

You can find a plugin to do just about anything in WordPress, but what happens when a service your business utilizes doesn’t offer full functionality in the plugin? Do you work with the API, hire a developer to build a custom solution, or choose a new service? Once I understand your goals, I'll evaluate your options and make recommendations for integration.

Illustration of jigsaw puzzle being completed, with pieces that don't fit scattered nearby

Themes & Plugins

Should you purchase a theme, or get a custom theme developed just for you? Which plugin should you choose to make a slider or a form? The WordPress theme and plugin repository is overwhelming, not to mention all the 3rd party marketplaces. I'll work with you to assess your goals and evaluate your options.

Illustration of speedometer


If your site is slow to load, a consultation is a great opportunity to review performance and discuss ways to improve it. This could include anything from new plugin suggestions, to ways to restructure the site.

Illustration of computer and server pointing to another computer and server

Site Migration

It’s no easy task to migrate a WordPress site to a new host, especially the first time. Schedule a consultation and I’ll guide you through the whole process, ensuring your data is safe and secure.

Illustration of website with magnifying glass

Search Engine Optimization

When you’ve put a lot of work into your site and don’t get any traffic, that’s no good. I can review your site and find opportunities for restructuring and improving, particularly within WordPress.

Illustration of server and padlock


You don’t want your website to get hacked. How can you keep it safe and secure? Schedule a consultation to identify problem spots with your website setup, along with suggestions on how to improve.

Featured WordPress Project

I love working with Heather on web projects for my clients. Not only is she a talented developer, but she is the consummate professional – always reliable, responsive and efficient with all of my clients’ needs. She’s also a savvy digital mind with a passion for UX and Accessibility compliance, always considering our user first and foremost in anything that we do. I love to pick her brain and tap into her strategic expertise to guide me in the right direction. I would strongly recommend Heather for your next website project.

Jesse Delerno

Associate Director of Project Management, PETERMAYER

Consultation Pricing

You can book a one hour consultation for $150. If you need long-term or ongoing consulting, hourly packages and retainer agreements are available. During an initial consultation, I can help you evaluate your budget so you know what you can realistically afford and expect.

Preparing for a Consultation

Illustration of piece of paper with notes and pen

Review your project

Make a list of any questions and issues you can think of. Some questions lead to more questions, but I'll guide the conversation to help make sure nothing gets overlooked.

Illustration of computer with chat bubbles, one with question mark

Send questions in advance

I'm able to do more if I have time to review your questions in advance. Send them, along with any relevant urls, at least 1 business day before the consultation for the best results.

Illustration of access badge

Collect credentials

Make sure you have your logins ready for anything you’ve got a question about, so I can review the account over screenshare without wasting your time.

Illustration of website backing up to server

Make a backup

This gives us more flexibility to try out solutions directly on the call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Send me a message below, and I’ll be in touch to set up a time. I’ll send you a calendar invite and meeting link. You should send me any questions & URLs in advance, and then we’ll go through things item by item on the call. We’ll screenshare so that we can test out solutions as needed.

If it’s a WordPress project, I can probably help. I also have a broad range of experience when it comes to digital marketing and development, and can answer questions about things like technical SEO, accessibility, marketing tools, analytics, and a lot more. If you’re not sure, please reach out directly.

If we have a call, and realize that I won’t be able to answer your questions or help with your problem, I am happy to issue a prompt refund.

A consultant can help in a variety of ways, anything from answering questions about strategy and structure to debugging plugins and building entire sites. If you aren’t sure what you need, a consultation could help you figure it out.

You can book a one hour consultation for $150. If you need long-term or ongoing consulting, hourly packages and retainer agreements are available. Calls must be paid in advance.

I have worked with small business owners and startups, creative agencies, enterprise marketing departments, and engineering teams. I’ve worked on projects in industries like tech, higher education, and finance. I work directly with clients, and also partner with agencies.

Please feel free to reach out and we can schedule another call.

I have worked with Heather on many projects for a variety of clients, spanning across industries, and she’s the best WordPress developer I have ever worked with. Her attention to detail is impeccable, and I very rarely have QA feedback as her ability to match designs is like no other. Her knowledge of 3rd party marketing tools and accessibility best practices adds value to every project. We often work on projects together that have overlapping timelines, and she’s great at communicating delivery dates and is up front about any roadblocks. As a project manager, this type of communication with a developer is invaluable. I would 100% recommend working with Heather!

Samantha Curtin

Senior Project Manager, Maark